Real Street speaks: Brandon Westgate

Brandon Westgate won the fan favorite at X Games 17's Real Street contest. This has been a good year for Westgate. He owned Emerica's 'Stay Gold' video. Then he killed it with a follow up video part for his shoe release in January. Going in to the final round of voting for Real Street, only Billy Marks stood between him and the Fan Favorite $10,000 prize purse. As if that weren't enough footage to warrant a vacation, he's already begun filming a follow up video part for Emerica for 2012. This kid is a footage-producing machine. One minute of footage for Real Street? I'm surprised he didn't bang it out in an afternoon.

How long did you film for this Real Street part?
About four months or something. They told RB [Umali, Westgate's filmer and editor for this part] and RB brought it up to me. Then we were just kind of waiting until it started getting warm on the east coast to film it. I just filmed it with RB in The city. I think all of it is filmed in New York.

How did it compared to other video projects you worked on recently?
Well, this one we only had to get a minute of footage so it was try and film as much as you can but there was a set amount you could have. That was kind of different.

Did you plot out those tricks or did you just go skating?
Yeah, I'd just cruise into the city and me and Zered [Bassett] would skate around; I pretty much worked on it with him.

What do you think of Real Street in general?
I thought it was pretty cool. It's definitely different. It's a lot funner than a contest held at a skatepark. You had more freedom to do what you want. You're just filming and skating spots instead of sitting in a skatepark all day with a bunch of people watching you.

You watch any of the other dudes' videos?
Yeah, they were all sick. I think Silas [Baxter-Neal] had my favorite part. I just like the way he skates. He's super good and can shred everything. Probably Dylan [Rieder], too. He had a really good part. Those guys just look really good on a skateboard.

What did you think of Billy Marks' part?
It's sick. That tré flip lip is super gnarly; I've been to that spot a bunch of times.

It was down to just you and him for the fan favorite money.
Yeah, it's pretty cool. I think Dylan should have beat me the last round. But I'm down.

What will you do with $50,000?
What I would want to do is buy a boat. Nothing too big, just a small motorboat, an inboard/outboard. But I'm trying to pay down my mortgage a little bit so I'll probably just put a bunch towards that.

How's the filming for that next Emerica video due out next year coming?
Pretty good. It's going kind of slow, I guess. We're just plotting out some trips to do to rack up some footage. But we're still trying to figure out who is gonna have tricks or parts. I went out to San Francisco a couple times, just me and [filmer] Jon Miner. And we just went to Europe for two weeks to Germany, Norway and Finland. That was mainly a demo trip but we were doing some street skating. It was a two-week trip and every single day we were traveling so we'd skate street, do a demo and then travel so we didn't get to stay in one spot and skate all the spots but it was still good.

Do you think these online video projects are the way of the future where people put their best footage online and less actual videos?
I guess it seems like it's going that way. I mean, Torey Pudwill just had that video part and that was sick; he's gnarly. I liked the backside 360 over the picnic table and the hardflip. But I don't really care if my footage is on a DVD or on the Internet, to tell you the truth. I'm down with whatever as long as people can see it and are stoked on it.