Real Street speaks: Tom Asta

Langhorne, Pennsylvania's Tom Asta dropped into skateboarding's purview with some amazing footage and the firm backing of kingmaker Chris Cole. Now a veritable force to be reckoned with in his own right, Asta is settling into a solid career as a new pro known for style, ability and finesse. We caught up with Asta to talk about his challenges filming for the X Games Real Street contest and what he's got on his calendar next.

What's changed since turning pro for Mystery?
Not much really, just been going on a lot of trips. I just went on my first-ever solo Mystery trip. I also get to help design what boards I want and I have a little more say in what goes on and stuff at Mystery now.

You were injured during most of the filming for Real Street right?
Yeah, I broke my arm for the third time and I had to get surgery and didn't skate for like a full month and then only got only one trick in the past two months. I wanted to do more for Real Street.

Are you fully healed?
Yeah, I'm pretty much healed. I got my cast off two weeks ago and I've got to go physical therapy to get fully back.

Who's your pick to win Real Street?
I think Ryan Decenzo is going to win. His is gnarly! That's my vote.

What would you do with the $50,000 first place prize money?
I would probably save it all to be honest. I'd put it to the side and chill on it, save it up for something good.

Who do you think will win fan favorite?
I think Brandon Westgate actually. He skates so sick and the spots he skates, he's the only one to skates those spots. It's insane. I think the people on the East Coast will pick him for fan favorite.

Does it feel weird just turning pro and being in a contest with a legends and former Thrasher Skater of The Year recipiants Daewon Song and Silas Baxter-Neal?
Yeah, it feels really weird. I'm not sure if I fit in just yet. These are the guys I look up to. It's kind of crazy. I feel like I'm not really supposed to be here. Don't get me wrong, I'm really stoked but it's a little weird to me right now.

Is there a Mystery video in the works?
Right now, it's just the Color Theory parts online. Trevor Colden's part just came out and David Reyes' part will drop really soon. Then Windsor [James] and Dennis [Durrant]. Once all of those parts drop I think it's done. I think it's going be a DVD with everyone's parts.

Who would you like to see go pro on Mystery next?
Probably Dennis since he's been around for so long on the am program; he deserves it. I don't see him much since he's out in Australia but I know he deserves it and he's really good!

I've heard a lot of buzz about a new Fallen footwear video coming out later this year or sometime next year.
Yeah, I'm not even sure. I'm gonna guess in two years it will come out. We are going on crazy trips right now and I think it's called "The Road Less Traveled." We're traveling to places skateboarders don't usually visit. It's going to focus on the lifestyle in these cities and the crazy places we go like Croatia and Turkey. I think we're headed somewhere else really soon, it should be a cool video.

Any thanks yous?
Thanks to Ian Berry for making my Real Street video, helping me out in my whole skate career and in life, Chris Cole, too. Thanks to Reign Skate because I'm here every day and my to family for being cool about all of this.