Repeat records

Peat Possibilities

Here's who stands a chance of breaking repeat records at X Games 2012.

Three-peat Possibility in 2012

Daniel Dhers, BMX Park
Matt Buyten, MTX Step Up

Five-peat Possibility in 2012

Garrett Reynolds, BMX Street

Six-peat Possibility in 2012

Jamie Bestwick, BMX Vert

An X Games gold medal is the crown jewel to many action sports athletes. Consecutive gold in the same discipline is uncommon, but the feat that separates the winners from the legends is the three-peat -- the back-to-back-to-back gold medals -- and beyond. A 'peat at X Games guarantees a spot in the history books.

The most consecutive victories at X Games is the six-peat, a record long held by the Vert Doubles duo of Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald (1997 to 2002). Before 2012, only one athlete has ever even had the chance to tie the record: Dave Mirra, who won BMX Park from 1996 to 2000. Mirra owns X Games marks for most medals and most gold medals, but he couldn't match the six-peat.

Jamie Bestwick joined the elite five-peat ranks in 2011, turning the trick in BMX Vert. Fresh off his seventh Dew Tour title, Bestwick will be favored to achieve the six-peat when X Games 2012 returns to Los Angeles from June 28 to July 1. It won't be a cakewalk, though; multiple vert riders have closed the gap on 40-year-old Bestwick.

Another BMX force is Street slayer Garrett Reynolds. Just 21, Reynolds comes to L.A. looking for his fifth consecutive X Games gold in the event. All signs point to Reynolds topping the podium again, which would make him only the fourth athlete ever to five-peat.

X Games 2011 was surprisingly short on peats; even back-to-back winners were uncommon. For instance, there were seven skateboard disciplines in 2011, and not one of them featured a repeat victor. No athlete scored a three-peat in 2011 (the first year since 2008 that there wasn't one) and only two have a chance in 2012: Matt Buyten in Moto X Step Up and Daniel Dhers in BMX Park.

Talent has become so deep and the competition so steep that the X Games 'peat seems to become more elusive as the years go on. Better get it done now.

'Peat History at X Games

The history books have been made by these repeat victors, who've all earned multiple gold medals at X Games.