Real Street on SportsNation

Real Street on SportsNation: Nyjah Huston or Chris Haslam? (0:56)

SportsNation votes on Nyjah Huston and Chris Haslam's entries. (0:56)

Santiago vs. Bingaman
Worrest vs. Homoki
Provost vs. Tim Tim

SportsNation, the television show that highlights videos from the internet, athlete Tweets, up-to-the-minute sport news and online polling has been all over the 2012 Real Street videos for the last few days. Hosted by Colin Cowherd and Charissa Thompson, the two ESPN commentators have been previewing the Real Street videos on air while hyping the viewers to get involved and vote. It's fun to see skateboard videos highlighted on television and getting the attention they deserve. Check out all the Real Street videos and stay tuned for round 3 this Tuesday, June 19th.

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