Soccer mom, meet skate dad

Introducing Jagger Eaton (2:21)

Skate dad Geoff Eaton discusses son Jagger's X Games invitation. (2:21)

Geoff Eaton, father to Jagger Eaton -- who, at age 11, is the youngest athlete to ever be invited to compete in the X Games -- and owner of Kids That Rip Skatebord School in Mesa, Ariz., tells ESPN.com how his sons got hooked on skateboarding. Eaton also speaks to the dangers and safety measures he takes to make sure his kids learn skating the right way.

Watch Jagger Eaton, Trey Wood, Tom Schaar, Mitchie Brusco and the rest of the "Mega Groms" skate in the X Games Skateboard Big Air contest, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.