Jamie Anderson claims SNB Slopestyle

Jamie Anderson Wins Gold in Snowboard Slopestyle (1:43)

Jamie Anderson came out firing and capped it off with a final run that set an X Games finals record. (1:43)

ASPEN, Colo. -- Jamie Anderson is now 6-for-6 in podium finishes in women's Snowboard Slopestyle at the Winter X Games.

Her gold medal Friday is her third. She dominated the competition, posting a Run 1 score of 94.00, then improving to 95.33 in Run 3 -- the highest score in a women's Snowboard Slopestyle final at Winter X Games -- to hold her lead over Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas and defending champion Enni Rukajärvi.

A dumping of fresh snow overnight at Buttermilk made for challenging conditions, and the four close-together jumps left little room for error.

Added to the difficulty factor was the light, which disappeared into afternoon shadows on the landings. Of the entire women's field, only three finished complete runs.

"The toughest thing on the course was definitely the jumps," Buaas said after the contest. "Jamie, you're a gangster."

Anderson was the only competitor who put down not one, but two strong, stomped runs, complete with a Cab 720 tailgrab, switch backside 540, backside 540, and switch backside 180 in the four-jump line.

"Usually when I get to an event, I try to think of the best possible run I could maybe do," Anderson said afterward. "I was working on a run all week and I didn't really have a safety run. I just wanted to put it down."

Anderson won Winter X Games Slopestyle gold in 2007 and 2008; silver in 2010; and bronze in 2011.

Last year, she won the overall titles on the TTR World Tour and the Winter Dew Tour, and she's off to an early lead on this season's Burton Global Open series, after a Slopestyle win at the Burton New Zealand Open.

"I've been working hard learning some new tricks and trying to get them a little more solid," Anderson said. "It feels great to be back on top after getting third last year."

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Colin Bane is a freelance writer who writes for ESPN.com Action Sports.