Bobby Brown back on top in Slopestyle

TIGNES, France -- American Bobby Brown returned to the top position in the Men's Ski Slopestyle finals at Winter X Games Tignes on Thursday, while countryman Tom Wallisch, the defending champ from Winter X Games Aspen, took second and Norway's Andreas Håtveit finished third.

"This whole year has been kinda crazy," said Brown, who last won Slopestyle at Winter X Aspen in 2010. "I haven't been skiing the way I wanted. I just wanted to have a good time and ski with my friends, and that showed today. It's an awesome end to the contest year. I'm on top with Tom and Andreas, and I couldn't ask for two better people."

Brown, 20, earned the highest score of the contest, a 95, on his second run, which included a switch 270 disaster onto the first rail and a pretzel 270 off, a right-side double cork 1080 mute, a switch double 1260, and a misty 450 Japan gap over the transfer rail.

Wallisch, who qualified first in Slopestyle Elimination on Wednesday and started last among the men in the finals, was the only one who could unseat Brown when he dropped in for his final run -- which included a switch onto the rail with a switch up 630 out, a leftside double cork 1260 mute grab, a switch rightside double flatspin Japan 1080, and a switch leftside double flatspin 1080 Japan -- but his score of 93.33 kept him in second place.

This year's Winter X Tignes Slopestyle course is in a different location than last year's, and it's steeper and faster than previous courses in Tignes. The course has three features -- three rails and three jumps -- and ends with a rail feature as opposed to the customary money booter at the end.

"I've always excelled on longer courses," Wallisch said, "so six features is good for me."

Wallisch, who had a winning streak this season by taking Winter X Aspen, the overall Dew Cup and the recent Mammoth U.S. Grand Prix, was a favorite going into the contest.

"It definitely takes the pressure off having done well this season," he said, "but it also puts the pressure on. You're expected to perform."

This is Håtveit's second Winter X medal this year after finishing third in Aspen.

"I can't believe it," said Håtveit, who got a re-do on his first run after a course worker stepped out in front of him during the run. Håtveit's highest-scoring second run included a rightside double cork 1260 mute grab and a switch leftside double cork 1260 safety.

"Those were some of the best contest runs of my life. And two X Games podiums in one year -- I can't believe it," he said.

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