ESPN API Branding Policy and Guidelines

ESPN API Branding Guide

Giving credit where credit is due

Guidelines for Attribution and Usage of ESPN API Branding

Your use of any ESPN API content, whether served from your Web site or from a client application, must appropriately attribute ESPN by adhering to the following guidelines:

All applications must feature one of the ESPN logos found below on any page or screen that displays ESPN API content or data.

The position of the ESPN API logo must be adjacent to where your app is using ESPN content in the UI. The logo must link directly to


Use only the ESPN logos provided (at Select the logo that best suits the visual design and functionality of your site or application. Logos cannot be altered or resized.

50px wide

50px wide red 50px wide black 50px wide grey

150px wide

150px wide red 150px wide red short 150px wide black 150px wide black short 150px wide grey 150px wide grey short

200px wide

200px wide red short 200px wide black short 200px wide grey short 200px wide red 200px wide black 200px wide grey

Improper Usage

Additional Branding Requirements

The selected logo must be used at the full size that is provided, and should be clearly visible, and not altered, resized, or obstructed in any way.

The ESPN logo should not be the most prominent element or logo on the Web page, nor the only branding on the page.


Do not use the logo or text attribution in a way that would suggest that ESPN promotes or endorses you or any third party or the causes, ideas, Web sites, products or services of you or any third party.

For applications that do not easily support logos or where ESPN data are used in alternative media formats, you must contact ESPN for alternative branding instructions prior to releasing your application to the public.

Prior written consent from ESPN is required to use ESPN data without attribution.

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