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Bubba - Software salesman

Chat with Bubba

Favorite sport: College football (graduate of Clemson)

Favorite team: Clemson Tigers football team

Favorite athlete(s): Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves, Harold "BIG O" Jamison of the LA Clippers

Your greatest athletic achievement: Head cheerleader, "Mic Man" at Clemson.

Pet Peeves: Slow drivers in the left lane

Why should we root for you? I'm sports-minded, witty, and should be an asset to my team … And my name is 'BUBBA' for crying out loud!

Why will we root against you? No one should … but, I can be loud, obnoxious and annoying. Sometimes all three at the same time.

When you saw the list of 40 tasks, which did you think would be the easiest? Washing the mascot.

Which tasks did you think you had no chance of doing? The ones involving boxing and being a ring announcer.

Halfway through the game, if you were offered a toothbrush, a ham sandwich or a clean pair of undies, which would you take? Probably the ham sandwich.

What is the hardest part of this show? The relentlessness of the game having two fronts: 1) Accomplishing tasks and 2) self preservation!

Home comfort you missed the most: cell phone…

Most embarrassing moment of your life (not of this show): A couple years ago, I lost my car for 12 days

Which of your character traits is most likely to get you in trouble during the game? I tend to make light of any situation. This could be a problem during a serious situation.

Do you expect to get a lot more dates after this show? Maybe not more dates, but certainly more offers. I'll show the nation's female population that I am resourceful, resilient and the stereotypical southern gentlemen.

What have you done in your life that you would compare this experience to? Along with a brother and some close friends one summer, I traveled across the country in a Winnebago doing a baseball tour.

Ever been on TV before? In high school just for local ad spot.

Of begging, borrowing and dealing, which is your strong suit? Dealing…You can't be great a playa without being a good deala!

Hobbies: I wake board and I ride Harleys with my brothers…

Favorite TV show (Sucking up to ESPN is allowed but not encouraged): Miami Vice and Six Feet Under

What's the longest you've ever gone without eating? 36 hours.
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