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EPISODE 5 Summary
The show begins with Team Cobi owning a 5-3 lead, stationed in Comiskey Park's lobby. Despite being told by numerous public relations people that they won't be able to complete a task, the team is persistent. Finally a member of the White Sox marketing staff recognizes this golden opportunity for publicity and agrees to let Juliet toss out the ceremonial first pitch at that day's game. After she delivers the heat, completing Task #30, Team Cobi is up 6-3. As a reward for the completed task, Josh's friend hooks up tickets to the Tony award winning play "Contact" for the whole squad. Morale is at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, Team Contact is still marooned in Richmond, Virginia. It's been two days and the team has accomplished absolutely nothing there. As a last-ditch effort, they try their luck with the Richmond Braves minor league baseball team. The GM is persuaded to let Katie be the batgirl while Aubrey and Julian work the concessions. Tony throws on the yellow duck suit and assumes the character of the Diamond Duck, the team's mascot. Katie falls for a few old baseball jokes (she spends 10 minutes looking for the "keys to the batters box"), but Team Contact successfully completes the task and is back in the competition, now trailing just 6-4.

After the game, Team Contact hitches a ride with Katie's friend down to Raleigh, North Carolina. In Raleigh, the crew hunts down the Carolina Courage of the WUSA in their soccer complex to have a photo taken with an Olympic medallist. Carla Overbeck obliges and Contact closes the gap to 6-5.

After Chicago, Team Cobi heads to Milwaukee for the day to try to sing the national anthem at a Brewers' game in Miller Park. Josh convinces his buddy to loan them his ride. It's not until they're on the road that they realize they can't pay any of the tolls. Josh comes up with a few good excuses to get around the tolls. They reach the park and are allowed to sing the anthem with a group already scheduled to perform on the promise that they'll sing quietly. Team Cobi completes Task #27 and caps the week's scoring at 7-5.

We leave Team Contact with plans to invade Knoxville, Tennessee as they scrounge up enough money at Tiffany Roberts' (of the Courage) birthday party for train tickets. The show ends with Team Cobi bickering amongst themselves while waiting for Juliet's aunt, who is scheduled to purchase tickets for a ride further West. Will they make their train?

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