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EPISODE 4 Ė Summary
Episode #4 begins with Team Cobi leaving Baltimore after successfully completing Task #12 (shag fly balls at any major league baseball batting practice). The team is tense as they try to plan the proper course of action. Josh puts it best when he says: "A wrong move at this point, in terms of geographical direction, could really hurt us." After much bickering back and forth, Team Cobi convinces a group of cigar-smoking pediatricians to buy them 4 bus tickets to Detroit. 60 miles from the Motor City though, theyíre forced to leave the bus (due to the 12-hour favor rule). Kelliís dad picks them up and drives them straight to Joe Louis Arena where they attempt at conquering Task # 31 (With 10 shots, score on an NHL goalie), but are turned away by arena staff.

Just when all hope seems to be lost, St. Louis Blues goalie Freddie Brathwaite emerges in pads with sticks for Team Cobi and they accomplish Task #31 when Juliet scores. The episode ends for Cobi as Kelliís boyfriend drives them to Chicago where they try to get into The Berto Center, the Chicago Bullsí practice facility, but find the center to be totally locked down.

We find Team Contact wandering around the streets of Richmond in the middle of the night looking for shelter and actually end up violating BB&Dís "Sleep Rule" Ė each team must sleep 6 consecutive hours in any 24 hour period. Their punishment? Team Contact is restricted from moving for double the time they were awake and shouldnít have been, which ends up being 4 hours without a telephone or internet. They finally find shelter when they convince strangers to let them crash in their basement.

In the morning they make a play to work themselves into a NASCAR pit crew (Task #18) that fails miserably. Spirits are at an all-time low when the show ends and an embattled Team Contact is forced to bed down on the ground in a Richmond trailer park.

Team Cobiís up, 5-3

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