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EPISODE 1 Ė Summary
Itís on. If you tuned in tonight, you saw the race of the century begin from Times Square, New York as the two teams of Beg, Borrow & Deal set out on the journey of a lifetime. If you werenít able to check out tonightís premier episode, hereís what went down:

Within minutes of a 5:30 AM wake-up call, the contestants found themselves standing in Times Square, the list of 40 tasks laid out before them for the very first time. The two squads, the Red team (Julian, Tony, Aubrey and Katie) and the Green team (Josh, Kelli, Juliet and Bubba), immediately took off, trying to get the jump on their opponents.

Reality set in quickly though, as the contestants soon realized that with no money and no cell phones, getting out of Manhattan is much easier said than done. When Juliet realized that through her friend Summer Sanders they could accomplish Task # 17 (Get your picture taken with an Olympic medal around your neck), she couldnít even call her. Juliet and her teammates had to convince total strangers to let them borrow their cell phones to call Summer. The begging and borrowing paid off though, as the Green team (re-named Team Cobi after the mascot of the Olympic Games in which Summer won her medal), got the early jump on the Red team by accomplishing the first task of the game. Team Cobi would later go on to complete a second task as they somehow managed to talk their way into New York Giants football practice and each contestant caught a 35-yard pass from Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer (Task # 11).

The Red team didnít fare quite as well as their opponents. After being stranded in New York City for almost the entire day, Katie was able to telephone her parents who drove to Manhattan, picked up the Red team and took them back to their home in the town of Elmira, in upstate New York. There, the team laid plans to make a run at completing Task #28, playing in a prison hoops game. When the episode came to an end, Katie was feverishly working the phones from her parentsí house to make Task #28 a reality at the Elmira State Prison.

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