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EPISODE 7 Summary
The show picks up with Team Cobi on the bus to Denver. Inclement weather makes the trip a long, hectic ride. They are forced off the bus somewhere in Colorado cause of the 12-Hour rule. Juliet's sister, who goes to college in Boulder, begins hooking them up large by sending her friend to pick up the team and take them back to school. Once they get there, they get the run of a neighbor's house.

The team goes after Task #4 (Be the anchor of a local sportscast on television or be the host of a local radio sports show on the radio, must spend a minimum of 4 hours on the air) and gets a chance to come on the ZOO Show with Scott Hastings and Dave Logan at KOA radio station. Josh is sweating it because he'll be on the show for four hours and knows absolutely nothing about sports. He wants to talk about books but a caller makes him uncomfortable when he asks if Josh has read Larry Bird's book. Complete humiliation. Regardless, the task is complete and Team Cobi is one task away from victory.
br> Juliet and the team then lean on her little sister to give them a ride to Salt Lake City, Utah. The only problem is, she has a final the following day. Still they convince her and a friend, who will pay for tickets westward, to go, completely blowing off the final. The show ends with the car breaking down and a dead cell phone in the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming.

Team Contact arrives in Dallas and Julian gets the brother of a friend from college to let them stay at his place, boosting Julian's spirits back into the game. The team then takes over the home of the Mavericks, with Julian completing Task #6 by knocking back a three-point prayer shot. Word leaks that former number one overall draft choice Chris Webber is in the house. Deciding not to forfeit their first task in four cities for $300 cash they instead opt to complete the task with no penalty of forfeit since it's worth more points in case of a tie. Webber gives them a Mountain Dew to sip on and the extra points at the same time as Kaite fumes about not going for the money.

Thanks to Julian, soon the team is headed back to a local sports journalist's house. While online there, they email Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to try to hitch a ride on his private plane in order to complete Task #26. Julian makes a small mistake on the email actually referring to the Seattle Kings in stead of the Sacramento Kings. Cuban decides to reject the request.

The crew heads over to Hooters to celebrate the tasks completed and meet Julian's roommate from college. He hooks them up with a ride to Oklahoma City where the plan is to rendez-vous with a contact of Aubrey's. The show ends with them on their merry way.

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