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EPISODE 6 Summary
Team Cobi completed another task, taking an 8-5 lead over Team Contact and making it look like the first season of Beg, Borrow & Deal is going to be a blowout.

Episode 6 starts with Team Cobi arriving by train at 11 PM in Kansas City in the pouring rain. They're kicked out of one hotel for begging for a room, but then on their way out, Juliet makes a friend who takes them down the street to another hotel and pays for their room. The next morning, they wake up and head over to Arrowhead Stadium with hopes of completing Task # 10 (score on an MLS goalie on a regulation penalty kick). They meet up with Kansas City goalie Bo Oshiniyi, who agrees to defend their penalty kicks, stopping everyone's shot except for Bubba's, which sneaks through.

Team Contact doesn't fare quite so well in this episode. They take a bus to Knoxville, Tennessee, only to realize that they're under the Timezone Rule, which prohibits either team from completing more than 5 tasks in any 1 time zone. They decide to make their way to Memphis to make an attempt to complete a task with a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Once they get there, however, Contact sees that the court in the Memphis Pyramid isn't even laid down, effectively nixing their opportunity.

The episode ends, predictably, with Team Contact fighting amongst themselves.

Team Cobi -8, Team Contact - 5

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