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EPISODE 3 Summary
The episode kicked off with Team Cobi successfully washing the Georgetown mascot (Task #1) after barnstorming him in his apartment and convincing him to put the suit on despite the fact he was on crutches with a broken foot.

Cobi's good luck continued as they made their way to Camden Yards in the hope of shagging some fly balls with the Orioles. Even after they were told by Orioles officials that there was no way they were going to be able to get on the field, Cobi was able to beg their way inside and spent the afternoon catching fly balls to complete Task #12.

While Cobi kept plugging along, knocking out tasks, Contact did its best to keep pace. They conquered one of the most difficult tasks in the game when Tony beat the Nets' Richard Jefferson in a game of H-O-R-S-E at the Net's practice facility in New Jersey.

Then Team Contact decided to make its way to Richmond, VA, to try to get into the pit crew at a NASCAR race (Task # 18). Tony quickly turned from hero to goat when he accepted a cigarette from a woman who had volunteered to drive the team to Richmond. Because BB&D rules prohibit teams from accepting more than one favor from a single person, Team Contact had to find a new ride to Richmond. They did in fact finally make it to Richmond, but when the show came to an end, Contact found themselves stranded on a deserted Richmond College campus at 3 AM with nowhere to sleep. Stay tuned

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