Scout survey, part three

In recent days, I asked two AFC scouts and two guys with scouting backgrounds who are now in the media the same 12 questions.

As we count down to Thursday, here’s the third of four posts with their answers, which are largely a lesson in how many different views there can be on the same subjects. (Check out part one here, part two here.)

The most likely AFC South team to trade up is? For what?

Scout A: Houston for a defensive back or running back.

Scout B: None

Matt Williamson, Scouts Inc.: Another tough one. I would think Jacksonville very much wants to trade down. Houston should be thinking the same if several of the players I mentioned are still available, which is likely. That isn't Indy's style, but maybe they get aggressive for an offensive tackle, but the one I will take is Tennessee and it would be for [Derrick] Morgan. Morgan is just such a safe pick, and due to team needs, might fall to the point of being a terrific value.

Daniel Jeremiah, movethesticks.com: Tennessee for defensive end.

The most likely AFC South team to trade down is? For what?

Scout A: Jacksonville for extra picks and to take Tim Tebow in the 20s.

Scout B: Jacksonville for picks.

Williamson: See above, but give me Jacksonville. Also for Morgan, perhaps, or more likely [Earl] Thomas.

Jeremiah: Jacksonville, safety