The Big Question: Campbell the answer?

Will quarterback Jason Campbell be the answer in Oakland?

It appears the Oakland Raiders have finally settled on a new quarterback after spending the offseason looking at options.

It seems Oakland has decided to move past the JaMarcus Russell era and didn’t think valiant, feisty backup Bruce Gradkowski could be the answer for an entire season. There has been a faction in Oakland that believed that the Raiders were a solid quarterback away from being a playoff contender. In fact, Oakland coach Tom Cable basically said that a few times last season.

Now, Oakland has a new quarterback in the form of Campbell. He was acquired for a fourth-round pick in 2012 from Washington. Yes, the Redskins basically gave him away.

It was a good move for the Raiders to pick up Campbell. Not only is he now, by far, the best quarterback on Oakland’s roster, but he gives the team hope. There is finally a legitimate quarterback in Oakland.

I think this move will work out to a point. Oakland will score more points and be a solid threat on offense. Campbell has a big arm and the Raiders love that. They will win some games because Campbell, and not Russell, is the quarterback.

But let’s not get too carried away. He is an average quarterback who was replaced in Washington. He has limitations.

But he’s the best current option for Oakland and it’s a good start as the team tries desperately to get decent play from the quarterback position.