Sooners on top of first BCS standings

Things get a little wacky when computers get involved. The first BCS standings have been released, and you'll notice they look quite different from the human polls released early Sunday afternoon.

Here's where the Big 12 teams who made the cut stand:

1. Oklahoma

11. Missouri

14. Oklahoma State

16. Nebraska

19. Texas

22. Kansas State

37. Baylor

  • Missouri had the biggest jump -- they ranked 16th in the coaches' poll and 16th in the Harris poll. But in every other ranking factored into the standings but one, Missouri ranks inside the top 10. The Tigers' computer average is No. 6. It's too late for that to influence any of the coaches' voting, and any jump Missouri makes next week will be courtesy of a win over the computers' No. 1 team. One factor definitely helping Missouri's standing with the computer? San Diego State, who Missouri beat at home earlier in the season and sits 39th in the rankings.

  • Which brings us to Oklahoma. The Sooners rank third in the coaches' poll and fourth in the Harris poll, but the grueling nonconference schedule and a spotless 6-0 record have the Sooners on top. It's also a large lead that would likely grow with a road win at Missouri next week. The gap between the Sooners and No. 2 Oregon is almost three points.

  • Losses obviously are the most costly thing in these rankings, and it'll be interesting to see where Oklahoma State ranks if it beats Nebraska. Human voters would likely give them a bigger jump than the computers, and the Cowboys currently rank as the lowest undefeated team among the 10 remaining, versus Missouri, who holds that distinction in both human polls. Eight teams with at least one loss rank above the Tigers in the AP poll. In the BCS, two teams, Ohio State (10) and Alabama (8), rank above Missouri

  • We've posted about this a few times, but the Big 12 has shown some strength in the computers, adding Kansas State as a sixth team that's absent from either human poll, as well as Nebraska. Texas Tech and Texas A&M have also made appearances on various voters' ballots, but losses have since knocked them off. It'd be interesting to see how the Big 12 would rank if those teams had won a few of the games they had lost, namely Tech's loss to Iowa State and Texas A&M's loss to Arkansas.