First impressions: Media day

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Shaquille O'Neal heads up the stairs for an interview at Media Day.WALTHAM, Mass. -- Five quick thoughts after the Celtics wrapped up Media Day Monday afternoon at the Sports Authority Training Center:

  • Perk: My spot is not up for grabs: Celtics center Kendrick Perkins, politely but firmly, suggested that he will not have to work for his starting role when he returns next season, sending a message to the entire Celtics organization about how he envisions his reintegration working.

  • More from Perkins: Other than that brief moment of seriousness, Perkins might have been the star of a lighthearted day. He joked throughout his session with reporters (particularly during questions about the new technical rules) and playfully bear-hugged Glen Davis from behind as he spoke to reporters. What's more, Perkins said his rehab is ahead of schedule, but said he didn't want to jinx himself.

  • Downright bubbly: Perkins wasn't the only one feeling good Monday as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were noticeably peppy. Pierce didn't stop smiling while talking about the upcoming season and the energy around the Celtics' locker room already. Garnett described himself as "vibrant" and, after noting that at no point last season did he feel 100 percent, suggested he's feeling strong as the new seasons approaches.

  • No Pierce without Doc: Pierce noted that there wasn't even a moment when he considered putting on another jersey after opting out of his contract with the Celtics. But he did admit that those thoughts might have entered his mind had coach Doc Rivers elected not to return. As Pierce described, without Rivers, he doesn't think the Celtics would have re-signed Ray Allen and likely would have gone into rebuilding mode, a process which Pierce suggested he probably would have finished his own career elsewhere.

  • Baby wants a role: Davis expressed some disappointment in the fact that, for a third straight year, he expects to have to reinvent himself. While noting that he'll do whatever he can to help this team succeed, Davis noted that he had to morph into a center role last season after the team added Rasheed Wallace, and now he's wondering where he'll end up with the addition of Shaquille O'Neal and Jermaine O'Neal.

Much more to come on these topics and all the media day happenings.