5-on-5: To trade or not to trade

As part of ESPN.com's ongoing 5-on-5 series, five writers tackled five questions on potential trade scenarios, including one question on what the Celtics should do with the aging tandem of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Here's a glimpse at the answers:

5. What should the Celtics do with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?

KGGarnettAllenAllenA. Trade them this offseason.

B. Deal them at the 2012 trade deadline.

C. Hold on to them.

D. Trade one, keep the other.

Jovan Buha, ClipperBlog: C. Hold on to them. Why blow up and start over when the Celtics still have 1-2 years left of contention? Yeah, they'll need an infusion of size and athleticism to eventually beat Miami and Chicago, but squeezing out one more title from this motley crew is more important than preparing for the Rajon Rondo era.

Tim Donahue, 8 Points, 9 Seconds: C. Hold on to them. At this point, I think these two players are worth more on the court than as trading assets. There's enough left in this group of players to make one more serious run at the East, and I don't see enough value coming back to start the rebuild one year earlier.

Matt McHale, By The Horns: C. Hold on to them. Sure, with the Bulls and Heat out there, making it back to the Finals is a long shot, but Danny Ainge should give his core group one last shot at another title. That's why he brought them to Boston.

Michael Wallace, Heat Index: C. Hold on to them. This core deserves one more shot to chase another title -- even if this lockout lingers well into next season. Coach Doc Rivers provided the stability by signing a long-term contract. It would help if Boston fixes its issues at center. KG and Ray are clearly in transition to becoming more role players and less key cogs. A painful rebuilding process is coming. But the C's -- in the short term -- are much better with them than without them.

Royce Young, Daily Thunder: C. Hold on to them. Danny Ainge has appeared to make it clear that everyone on the roster is available. He has the future always in mind in Boston and is willing to make a tough decision if it helps the long-term. But it's not time to move on from Garnett and Allen yet. The summer of 2012, yeah, probably. But give it another run.

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