Gators making their way to New England

FOXBORO -- This year marks the first time since 1974 that the Patriots have had a draft with three players from the same school selected, as they've picked outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham (second round, No. 53), inside linebacker Brandon Spikes (second round, No. 62) and tight end Aaron Hernandez (fourth round, No. 113) -- all from the University of Florida.

In 1974, the Patriots picked guard Steve Corbett (second round), running back Phil Bennett (13th round) and defensive back Gary Hudson (17th round), all of whom played at Boston College.

Late Friday night, Bill Belichick said the following regarding this year's Florida prospects: "We were in Florida and I felt like we were working out half of the first and second round. It was the day after their Pro Day down there. It was a good meeting, like it always is with Florida. We spent two days down there and it was very productive."