Dunn will quit one day, it just won't be soon

CLEVELAND -- No angry White Sox fans, Adam Dunn isn’t quitting any time soon.

Sorry about that.

Dunn was astounded Friday at how one seemingly innocuous quote was flipped on its ear and made to seem as if he was about to go home, cry and take his ball with him.

A Yahoo! sports column this week seemed to suggest that Dunn was on the verge of quitting because of a miserable season that saw him enter Friday’s game with a .158 batting average and just nine home runs with 36 RBI.

In the article Dunn said that if the game ever stopped being fun for him, he would quit. But the game hasn’t lost that thrill despite the struggles. The article says so.

It seems as if Dunn said “I’ll go home” at one point and the guy who has inspired no more than a snooze from White Sox fans suddenly stirred a buzz. Perhaps it’s a bunch of wishful thinking.

“How I meant it was if I have to continue and sit there and not have fun doing what I’ve done my whole life, I’ll go home,” Dunn said. “But that’s what I’m saying. I’m having too much fun.”

If this is fun for Dunn, it’s hard to imagine what would get him to quit. Dunn intends on earning at least some of his four-year, $56 million deal, some way somehow.

“This isn’t quite the easiest of things but it’s still a game,” Dunn said. “I still enjoy coming to the park every day and working. I don’t know how you could screw up what I said. Apparently you can."