Quotable: Stars on officiating

Here are a couple of quotes from the Dallas Stars on the officiating in Thursday’s night game at Los Angeles, which the Stars lost 3-1. The Stars were not happy with some of the calls in the game. The Kings had eight power play, including several in the third period when the Kings scored twice on the power play to break a 1-1 tie and win the game.

Stars Marc Crawford

“You watch the tape, a lot of them aren’t penalties. We already talked to the league and they told us not to say anything, so we’ll shut up and let them deal with it.”

Stars center Brad Richards

“Penalty trouble got us in the end. You can’t that much time in the box in the third period on the road like that. What’s a penalty tonight sometimes is a penalty tomorrow and sometimes it’s not. … It’s a guessing game every night. When you get video of head shots and people going after heads and some of it’s called and some it’s not, that’s when you get confused. I know it’s a fast game, but it’s tough out there sometimes. The hooking, that’s on us. You can’t put your stick in people’s hands. That’s pretty basic now. Some of the other stuff makes you wonder, if you lay on the ice or if you don’t lay on the ice. I guess there are lots of different ways to draw penalties now.”