Brad Richards talks rumors

With the Dallas Stars in Toronto that means a lot of attention from the hockey media and a hot topic is Brad Richards, whose name is in the rumor mill these days.

Richards is the final year of his contract and is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent in July. The Stars would like to sign him to an extension, but that's kind of hard with the team's ownership situation still up in the air. That means there is a lot of speculation about whether the Stars might have to consider trading Richards.

And when there are trade rumors involving big name players, the Maple Leafs always seem to take center stage. Richards was asked about the rumors and speculation today in Toronto and the National Post has a transcript of some of Richards' comments. A couple of excerpts:

Does he think about the speculation?

“I’m not going to lie to you, the situation is what it is. It’s not something that isn’t talked about, and it’s not something that (general manager) Joe (Nieuwendyk) and I haven’t talked about. We know a trade’s not ideal for this time being … but obviously, we’re open and talking about it and giving the chance for ownership to come in. But I’m a Dallas Star, and that’s where my focus is right now.”

Does Toronto’s alleged involvement pique his interest?

“When the time comes, if that’s an option, Toronto’s always a No. 1 hockey destination. It would be great being a Canadian playing in Toronto, but we’re not even close to that bridge yet. And like I said, I’m focused here. I have so much respect for Joe Nieuwendyk, and to even talk about other teams is not even close to being fair.”

The rest of the Post's transcript is here.