What to watch in World Series Game 4

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers got the win they needed last night to get back in the World Series. Can they even things up tonight in Game 4? Here are a few things to watch tonight:

* Tommy Hunter. He's got a chance to live up to the nickname "Big Game" tonight if he can give the Rangers some innings and keep them in it. Hunter has strugged this postseason, going 0-1 with a 6.14 ERA and not going very deep in his starts. The Rangers need Hunter to keep them in this game. Like Colby Lewis in Game 3, Hunter may be helped by the right-handed heavy lineup. It will be something different than he saw in Game 4 against the Yankees in the ALCS.

* Mitch Moreland. The rookie continues to impress and had the best at-bat of his career on Saturday, hitting a three-run homer to right on a fastball after fouling four off-speed pitches to hang in on a 2-2 count. He gets another shot at a left-handed hitter tonight. The homer he hit off Jonathan Sanchez was his first homer of the year off a lefty. What will he do for an encore?

* Josh Hamilton. He hit his first homer of the World Series, a shot to the second deck (front row of the Home Run Porch) in right field. It was Hamilton's only hit of Game 3 and just his second of the series, but it was the kind of swing that could get him going. Watch to see if he builds on that success in Game 4.

* Derek Holland. He's on this list because there's a chance with Hunter on the mound that the Rangers may need some middle relief (if Hunter can't go deep in the game again ... and I think he'll pitch better tonight, BTW). Holland's last out was memorable for the wrong reasons. He threw 11 straight balls to start his World Series and ended up walking all three batters he faced, throwing 13 pitches total, 12 of them balls. He's said all the right things and appears to be just fine. But we won't know that for sure until he gets back on the mound. That could be in Game 4.

* Neftali Feliz. He showed no signs of rust as he blistered 98 mph fastballs past San Francisco Giants hitters in the ninth of Game 3 to get his first World Series save. Feliz could get an opportunity to pitch in back-to-back games tonight and will need to do exactly what he did in Game 3. He sure is fun to watch.

* Bottom third. The bottom third of the Rangers order has turned into a real weapon in this postseason. It was at it again in Game 3 as Bengie Molina was walked twice and Moreland was able to hit he home run. The fact that these games are in Arlington and the DH is in effect certainly makes a difference for Texas. The Giants can't pitch around Molina or anyone else in that No. 8 spot and expect to get an easy out in the No. 9 spot.

* Vladimir Guerrero. I keep waiting for Guerrero to bust loose. He's had some mini-slumps this postseason and then come up with the big hit. He's hitting just .143 in two games this World Series. Is Game 4 when he busts out?

* Crowd. It was fantastic in Game 3 as a total of 52, 419 showed up, making it the most attended game in the history of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. They were loud and into it from the start (it helped that Texas got the lead early). Texas needs that again tonight.

* Baserunning. One thing Madison Bumgarner can do is hold runners. Let's see how the Rangers try to attack him on the bases. And Buster Posey showed he has a strong arm and can throw runners out.

* George W. Bush. He throws out the first pitch. Can he throw a strike like he did on Opening Day here in 2009? Will Nolan Ryan make a nice catch behind the plate like Pudge Rodriguez did for him prior to Game 3?