Podcast: Teammates calling out teammates

Myself and Keith Law had plenty of things to talk about on Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast, including:

1. The disaster in St. Louis. What the heck was Tony La Russa thinking in the eighth inning?

2. Whether or not Logan Morrison and Ricky Romero were wrong for calling out their teammates. Speaking of: What does Keith think of Hanley Ramirez's future?

3. Max Scherzer lost, but he's still 9-3. But how good is he and how good will he be?

4. What would a hard slotting system in the baseball draft mean?

5. Keith talks about some prospects he saw Tuesday night in Staten Island.

Plus: Maikel Cleto's 100-mph fastball, a College World Series preview of Vanderbilt-North Carolina, David Price versus Shaun Marcum and much more!