Vote: How many games for Ethier?

It's time for a poll of the day. Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak to 24 games today and then added a game-winning home run in the 10th. Not a bad afternoon.

At 24 games, Ethier's streak is already longer than any from last season and is tied for fifth-longest in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Since 2000, there have been seven streak of at least 30 games:

Jimmy Rollins, Phillies, 2005-06, 38 games

Chase Utley, Phillies, 2006, 35 games

Luis Castillo, Marlins, 2002, 35 games

Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals, 2009, 30 games

Moises Alou, Mets, 2007, 30 games

Willy Tavares, Astros, 2006, 30 games

Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 2003, 30 games

There have been another 19 streaks between 25 and 29 games, so Ethier is entering territory were streaks go to die. Not surprisingly, Ichiro Suzuki is the only player with two 25-plus hitting streaks on the list, with a 27-game streak in 2009 and a 25-gamer in 2007. How far will Ethier go? Place your vote.