ACC's best game-day traditions: More nominations

There weren't enough submissions from the other schools, so I decided to include several of them in one post. Tomorrow, I'll narrow down a few from each school's submissions and post a ranking of the best overall.

Here is a sampling of the other nominations that came in:


  • Walk of champions: A few hours before kickoff, fans line the walkways in front of the Murphy Football Center, forming a path for the team. The coaches and players walk to the locker room entrance on the opposite side of the field.

  • Sign of the wolf: Your ring and middle finger meet your thumb while the index and pinky stick up. Apparently president Barack Obama learned how to do this while on campus in 2008.

  • Flag bearers: Tom O'Brien started this tradition where each week, two players are given the honor of carrying the American and state flags onto the field.


Tommy from NC State writes: GAME-DAY TRADITIONS at NC STATEI don't know if these are just for NC State or if other places do them, but some of the things I like that are done at games are:-Randomly during the game half the stadium yells "WOLF" and then the other half yells "PACK"-The mascot or a cheerleader does a push-up for every point we have scored - every time we score-The walk from Trinity Lot (the student tailgating area) through the alumni tailgating area to get to the student gates -Every time we play Carolina at home, there is a 'ram' roast the day before and a lot of people have BBQ on Gameday


  • Adventures of Cavman: You can find it on the video board during pregame, where a cartoon of the mascot Cavman defeats the opposing mascot in dramatic fashion. It leads up to the grand entrance of Cavman riding his horse onto the field.

  • Guys in ties, girls in pearls: It's the unofficial dress code in Scott Stadium, though it seems to have faded a bit. (Some of that was replaced by the "Groh must Go" T-shirts.) Still, you'll find Virginia fans tend to have a little class with their game-day attire.


Ben in Arlington, Va., writes: Gameday Traditions: I know you are not in love with the "Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls" tradition at UVa (although it has died down some recently), tailgating on the Lawn is a great gameday tradition. You can't find a more picturesque spot in the ACC (full of history as well), and although the administration has limited it recently, it's still the perfect spot to get ready for a game among fellow 'Hoos. In its heyday, it was like a smaller "Grove" down at Ole' Miss (where, along with other SEC schools, many students dress up for games as well and their teams seem to do just fine).

Peyton in Martinsville, Va., writes: Tailgates are the prime spot for pre-games in Charlottesville. They stretch from as far away as old UHall all the way to the stadium. If you can't find a good tailgate, hit "The Corner" and visit Mincer Clothing for your gameday gear and The Virginia Inn for a good Pie (pizza of course!) before the game .The pre-game in the stadium is the best though. Watching the teams warm up, mingling throughout the concourses with all UVa faithful. Then the Marching Band preforms their awesome show, right before the "Adventure of Cavman" -- leading to the Cavman leading the team onto the field by horseback.Needless to say, there are very few places like Charlottesville on any given Saturday! Go Hoos!!!!

Melissa in Bridgewater, Va., writes: Here are some traditions at UVA:Tailgating on the Lawn - Thomas Jefferson's academic village is the best place to take in pre-game festivities especially on a beautiful autumn dayPower "V" formation done the UVA Marching band before the players run onto the fieldThe Good Ole Song - sung by all the UVA fans when we score; yes, we hold put our arms around each other and sway while singing it loud, singing it proudCavMan video shown before players come onto the field. The video is followed by the Cavalier and Sabre the horse running onto the field in sync with the end of the video. The players run onto the field at the same time as the Cavalier and Sabre.Traditional Sundresses, khaki pants, ties still worn by students on game daySpelling out U-V-A with our hands along with "Go Hoos Go" after Good Ole Song is played after each scorePeople sitting and/or standing on the "Hill" during the game. Has been a tradition for a very, very long time. New tradition - beating Va Tech. LOL!


  • Open the Gate: It's a fairly new tradition where a special honored guest "opens the gate" and leads the team onto BB&T Field.

Doug in Winston-Salem writes: A neat tradition at Wake Forest is the "Open the Gate'.. You get to see past legends such as Arnold Palmer or Tim Duncan ride out on the Harley Davidson. And also see some "everyday hero's " that say just a week earlier landed the shuttle craft in Coco Beach Florida. And lets not forget it always brings out the goose bumps when the introduction resume for the person is that special Wake graduate that now serves on the front lines in the War on Terror.


I'll let Jonathan in Chapel Hill handle this one: Thanks for the blog Heather! I'm a student at UNC and a diehard fan, love Saturdays in the fall! Here are my favorite traditions in no particular order:

1. Old Well Walk - Team walking from the Old Well to the stadium. Good way to make the team more visible for the fans and get people pumped up.

2. Tar Heel town - Great place to be before football games on Saturdays. Set right on the campus' quad, creates a great atmosphere.

3. Location - This isn't exactly a tradition, but the stadium being located literally right in the middle of campus is great. Students walking out of their dorms and emerging into a crowd of people going to tailgate. It's great.

4. The Tarp - The tunnel that the Heels run out of from the locker room cuts right into the middle of the student section, the Tar Pit. As the team prepares to come onto the field, students bang on the tarp together, slowly increasing the pace until they end up just going crazy. It's awesome.

5. Before the 4th Quarter - A lot of teams have a mid quarter tradition before the final segment of the game. At UNC, we hold four fingers in the air and make a motion similar to the Seminole chop. That, coupled with the music and video played on the scoreboard is incredible. One of my favorite game moments.

6. Fight Song - Chanting "Go to hell Duke" in the fight song. Love it.


Alex in College Park, Md., writes: Maryland has a few traditions. I'm in the marching band, so I can tell you a few things from a band perspective. There is Terp Alley, which is 2.5 hours before the game and fans, the band, cheerleaders, and dancers line the parking lot while the football team walks off the team bus and into the locker rooms. There is also "trucking" from the music building to the stadium, which is something unique for the Maryland bands. We also have jingling keys during "key" 3rd downs, "ho"ing on every third down, lighting a cannon after every Terps touchdown, and the football team rubs Testudo's nose as they run onto the field. Recently, I have seen times where the student section transports Testudo from the field to the top of Byrd stadium and back down.


Chris M. in Washington, D.C. writes: The entire student section belting out Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" in unison at Boston College's Alumni Stadium is one of my favorite BC traditions. It originally began as a Fenway Park tradition but naturally moved on to BC's sporting events (specifically football) and caught on. It?s hard to describe the camaraderie felt with your fellow student fans when everyone comes together and forgets what is going on on the field for a few minutes and participates in a 5,000 person karaoke. To this day when I hear that song I am taken back to those moments in my gold Superfan shirt under the hot sun or cold night when everyone decides to forget they have terrible voices.

Another great BC tradition is the "We are?? BC!" chant where one half of the student section asks the question and the other half answers.One more BIG one is RVs to Notre Dame. Every year the Notre Dame game is away thousands of BC students rent RVs and make the 17 hour trek to South Bend, IN. It is one of the most memorable experiences of my life... driving through Niagara Falls, sleeping in an empty parking lot next to Cleveland Browns stadium and seeing hundreds of RVs filled with BC students take over a Wal-Mart parking lot. So sad that future students might not get to experience this.

Thanks so much to all of the ACC fans who participated. Check the blog tomorrow for the best of the best ACC game-day traditions.