Mailblog! (Part I)

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

You asked, I answered.

You guys have a lot on your minds, so I'm going to break it up into two posts today.

Let's start with Todd Dickerson, from Atlanta:

Heather, Great coverage on the ACC this year! I just took a look at the scheduling breaks article by Patrick Stevens. The main problem is the method is a catch 22. Is UNC really expected to finish second in the Coastal because they are that good, or because they don't have to play Clemson, Wake, and FSU? And this has a trickle down effect through the league. As a Clemson Alumni, I want the most difficult schedule possible, so nobody can say, "Yeah, you won the ACC but you didn't play VT."

Heather Dinich: Todd, it's a combination of things -- UNC was predicted by the media in part because of their talent, because of Butch Davis, because of the question marks throughout the rest of the Coastal Division, and because of their schedule. And if Clemson is gonna win the ACC, odds are the Tigers will have to beat the Hokies in the championship game to do it, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Michael, in Nashville, writes: Have you heard any of the rumors about Clemson's new super top secret uniforms, to be revealed at the CU vs. Alabama game. (this is how starved of college football i am, when i can't wait to see my teams new uniforms) Come on season, already!!!

Heather Dinich: My Clemson sources tell me they are just that -- rumors.

Chris, in Clemmons, N.C., writes: Does Wake Forest running back Josh Adams have the skills to become another Chris Barclay?

Heather Dinich: He's a little bigger than Barclay, but similar speed wise and because he keeps his head on a swivel, always looking one block ahead. The skills are there.

Jeff, in Atlanta, writes: Hi Heather. In your article detailing the numerous changes in ACC football this year, you mentioned the new clock rules. My question is, is this rule for ACC conference games or for all non-conference games at ACC venues?

Heather Dinich: Those rule changes were for ALL ACC games, Jeff -- conference and nonconference.

William Lang, in Wilmington, N.C., writes: I'm going to have to ask that you mention Duke just signed a 4* RB named Desmond Scott that originally committed to Rutgers. He's a big-time recruit. Carry on.

Heather Dinich: Done. Carry on.

Jesse, in New York, writes: What do you think Miami's chances are of surprising everyone this year with taking the Coastal Division? Is it me, or is the key to stopping Florida is by stopping Tebow? If you hit Tebow hard from the start, and take him out of the game how good is Florida really?

Heather Dinich: I'm not counting anyone out of the Coastal Division. As for Florida, the Gators were picked by the media to win the SEC, and Tebow is a huge reason for that. But there's no way his body can tolerate another 200+ carries in the SEC again this season, and they need to find somebody to help out in those short-yardage situations. Tebow isn't the only playmaker on that team, especially when WR Percy Harvin is healthy. And at least one other coach in the SEC thinks there is a quarterback in the league better than Tebow.

Pete, in Boston, writes: Can you do a post on the great work ATLeagle does. Or maybe do a guest blog for him. He can't seem to stop complimenting you on his blog (atleagle.com) and I think it would make him feel warm and fuzzy inside if you reciprocated.

Heather Dinich: Ha. OK, BC fans, I do owe a little shout-out to the Eagle in Atlanta, considering one of his blogs was proof to my editors I didn't spend the whole time at the pool at the ACC football kickoff. In all seriousness, one of my goals in the near future is to get a blog roll going for you guys, as well as some categories to sift through. Coming soon ...

Check back later today for Part II of the Mailblog.