Future still bright for Georgia Tech's Dwyer

Former Georgia Tech B-back Jonathan Dwyer let his secret out -- he takes medication for ADD, hence the positive drug test at the NFL combine.

Dwyer didn't have much choice but to reveal his condition after his name was reported among the high-profile players who tested positive. It's nothing to be ashamed of -- that should be saved for all of us who jumped to any conclusions about Dwyer's character. According to the AJC, Dwyer said one of the NFL doctors mistakenly forgot to put his name on the exempt list.

Uh, whoops?

The good news is that Jeff Schultz is right -- Dwyer, from what I've learned through interviewing him, is a likable, well-spoken and hard-working player who has a bright future. Both his talent and his personality should easily outweigh any temporary embarrassment and negative publicity associated with a positive drug test. It was the NFL's system that failed Dwyer, not the other way around.