ACC's strength of schedule

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

According to this week's Sagarin Index, the ACC is the second strongest conference behind the Big 12. Virginia has the toughest schedule in the country, according to Jeff Sagarin's formula, Duke is third, Wake Forest fifth and NC State ninth.

"We probably don't get enough credit nationally for the strength of schedule that we play," Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said, referring to the entire ACC. "I think sometimes your league is determined more by the one marquee team you might have that's available, but if you look top to bottom, there's not an easy out in our conference."

Agreed, but there's also not one marquee team. The SEC might be overrated and not as deep as the ACC this season, but what ACC fan wouldn't want to have a team the caliber of Florida representing it in the BCS? What if Clemson had lived up to the hype and was 9-1 right now and ranked No. 9 in the BCS Standings instead of 5-5 and still trying desperately to get into a bowl game?

While the parity has made the season exciting and unpredictable, how can fans expect one team to represent the league on the national level when there isn't one team that can separate itself in the ACC?

According to Sagarin, the ACC is 0-3 against top 10 teams, and 17-21 against top 30 teams.

The schedule might be strong, but the ACC's record against it indicates the league is not.