Tuesday mailblog

Remember, the only dumb questions are the ones that aren't asked ...

Bob in Arlington, Va., writes: Hey Heather- did I see you in Atlantic City this past weekend?

HD: Haven't been there in a few months, but when I go, you can find me at Nero's with my parents and their comp points. Don't forget Mother's Day, BTW.

Daniel in Atlanta writes: Heather,Do you think Dwyer's draft stock was affected by the, um... 'interesting' headline on ESPN about his 'testing positive' at the combine or do you think he went so late because of something else? Or did he go when he should have gone?

HD: Daniel it seems as if even the NFL scouts were divided on how highly Dwyer should have gone, and I doubt much of it had to do with any headlines. Everyone in the NFL knew Dwyer was taking approved prescription medication. He really did get some mixed reviews, though. I think the Steelers got a great deal and I expected Dwyer to be gone by the third round. He'll get his chance to prove his doubters wrong as the No. 2 guy and a short-yardage back.

Mark in College Park, Md., writes: What did you see out of the terps during their spring game? I need some good news after a 2 and 10 season.

HD: So does Ralph Friedgen. Overall, he liked what he saw. I think the most important thing was the progress of the offensive line, which Friedgen said "vastly improved." They've got enough running backs, and with a more mobile quarterback and the play of WR Torrey Smith, the Terps should be able to do some things on offense this year. Maryland fans should be encouraged by the spring practices.

Nathan in Roanoke, Va., writes: People still seem to be concerned with Defensive Depth for VT this year. I follow recruiting big time and keep up with player stats. People seem to forget that Nick Dew is coming in the fall and Zack McCray as well each will be playing positions that lack depth. What do you think the chances will be of them contributing from day 1?

HD: Did you mean Nick Acree, a defensive tackle, and not Nick Dew, an OLB? There is help on the way up front, but considering how demanding coordinator Bud Foster and defensive line coach Charley Wiles are, it's going to be difficult for a true freshman to come in in August, learn the system and be ready to play. The coaches like John Graves and Kwamaine Battle as the two defensive tackles with Antoine Hopkins as a backup. They're still looking for a fourth defensive tackle. At defensive end, former tight end Chris Drager and Steven Friday had good springs, but again, they're still looking for depth. That could be J.R. Collins or James Gayle.

Matt in Orlando writes: Have you heard about the white unis and helmets FSU is planning on wearing at the Oklahoma game? Why can't we learn not to mess with the traditional colors? (For an example, look up our recent record for when we wear "special" unis).

HD:I checked with FSU's sports information department, and there is no truth to the notion that the ‘Noles will be wearing a white helmet at Oklahoma. The equipment manager had one made up at the coaching staff’s request for recruits to see a wide variety of uniform options FSU can mix and match. They dressed up for mannequins in the locker room in different garb. One recruit took a picture and posted it on a website, leading to an instant rumor. Jimbo Fisher wants to stick with tradition (gold helmets), but he wouldn't be opposed to using the Nike unis worn against Maryland last season on a rare occasion.

Matt in Atlanta writes: With Jordan Luallen unlikely to get any play-time in the next year at least, is there any chance he moves to wide reciever? He's got the build and we need more tall guys out there catching balls.

HD: Doubtful, Matt. Luallen will enter the fall battling David Sims for the No. 3 quarterback job. You're right, though, his odds of any significant playing time are slim. He'll have to make large strides in August to pass Tevin Washington as the No. 2 QB. And even though the Jackets will be without Demaryius Thomas, they've still got five or six skilled receivers to turn to.

Horace from the 757 writes: HD,How about the Steelers snagging three Hokies! Taco Thompson could be a nice sub for the NT position with his girth. Jason Worilds will have a tough time cracking the rotation with Harrison, Woodley, and Timmons in front of him. Demetrius Taylor most likely won't break the practice squad ranks, but still getting paid! I like Dwyer's chances of catching on with the guaranteed run based offense for the first 6 games.

HD: Here we go Steelers, here we go ...

Eric in Tallahassee writes: Any notable ACC player go undrafted that you felt should of? Overall how do you think the ACC did in the draft this year?

HD: One player I would've liked to see get a shot as a free agent was Wake quarterback Riley Skinner. I thought somebody would have given him a chance, and that he deserved one.