Tuesday mailblog

Step into my office, which will be in Bristol later this week ...

Joseph in Tallahasse, Fla., writes: Heather, I just got married yesterday to a beautiful FSU grad. I also graduated from FSU undergrad and am currently at FSU Law. Naturally we are huge FSU fans and invited Bobby Bowden to the wedding. I didn't really expect him to come, but we were at least hoping for a regret, just as a little momento to add to my FSU memorabilia. He didn't even respond! So, my question to you is: Bobby's blow-off, fair or foul?

HD: Seriously, I couldn't make this question up if I tried. Didn't they teach you anything at law school? What proof do you have that he actually saw it? That his wife didn't toss it out with the FSU fundraising application? Maybe Jimbo intercepted it ...

Specialist Justin R in Iraq/Blacksburg writes: Hey Ms Dinich, thanks for keeping us deployed Hokie fans in the ACC loop. As most Hokie fans do every year, we enjoy saying "This is our year, the year we make it back to the National Championship". I'm thinking maybe this year, Tech might actually have a real chance (not just saying it this time). Everyone is saying the Boise State game will be our biggest test, but after looking at the schedule, I'm not so sure. That North Carolina worries me a bit. Looking at Mel Kiper's Big Board for next year is like looking at the NC roster on defense. What's your call on the tougher game - NC or BS?

HD: Me? You're the one we should be thanking for your service, Justin. You're right, Boise State is the first big hurdle, but it's certainly not the only one, and you should be worried about that UNC D. The Tar Heels should be a real contender for the Coastal this year. Here's the thing, though: If it's a national championship you're looking for, the Boise State game is the biggest of the bunch because of how strength of schedule factors into the BCS standings. Realistically nobody can afford to lose any games in college football if they have national title hopes, as even undefeated teams aren't guaranteed a spot in the title game, but the Hokies aren't going to make it to the top unless they beat the top nonconference competition first.

Michael in Ft. Myers, Fla., writes: With CJ Spiller and Jacoby ford out of the acc could Miami make a push for being the fastest team in the ACC?

HD: Well, I don't have everyone's latest 40 times, but considering coach Randy Shannon has said this is probably the fastest team he's had there, I'd bet it is. Just look at Miami's 400-meter relay team. It's made up entirely of football players.

Adam in Harrisonburg, Va., writes: Heather,Why aren't Virginia Tech's running backs getting more, or even close to the same amount of, hype than some other colleges running back tandems are??? My math may be off, but VT has over (4,000) yards of rushing offense alone returning from the past two seasons. Alabama can't say that. What else do we have to do???

HD: Adam, I'd say that having the Hokies ranked among the top 10 nationally in the majority of post-spring Top 25 lists is giving tons of credit to the running backs and to Tyrod Taylor. It's certainly not because of the six starters that have to be replaced on defense.

areynfsu24 in Columbia, S.C., writes: Just curious as to your predictions (based off spring practices and spring games) of how you see the ACC Atlantic/Coastal finishing up and your final prediction for who you think wins the ACC. Also, do you see Christian Ponder and Ryan Williams being Heisman candidates out of the ACC?

HD: I had Virginia Tech ranked No. 1 in my post-spring power rankings, and based on what the Hokies have done in the past (reloading on defense, two 1,000-yard rushers) I believe they should enter 2010 as the team to beat in the ACC. That being said, my early prediction is an upset in November and expect Miami and Florida State to meet for this year's ACC title. And yes, both of those players could be candidates.