ACC represents on Rimington watch list

The Rimington Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding center in college football, and the ACC is leading the way this year with six candidates:

  • Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech

  • Dalton Freeman, Clemson

  • Ryan McMahon, Florida State

  • Bryan Morgan, Duke

  • Russell Nenon, Wake Forest

  • Beau Warren, Virginia Tech

These are all very worthy candidates, but as far as the groups they're playing for, Florida State should enter the fall with the highest expectations, as all five starters return, and they have combined for 142 career starts. The others have been weak links in the past.

Duke desperately needs to establish a running game this fall (it was 120th in the country last year). Georgia Tech has been inconsistent, Clemson took a step in the right direction last year and should peak this fall. Virginia Tech remains a question after the departures of Ed Wang and Sergio Render. And Wake's offensive line might actually be more of a concern than its quarterback situation.

As for the Rimington candidates, they'll obviously be a huge help to each group. I'll leave you with this impressive stat: FSU's McMahon allowed only 2.5 sacks in 823 snaps last year.