Swinney interview Part II

Can you give me a detailed scouting report on Tajh Boyd for people who haven’t seen him play?

DS: He’s got an incredible arm, incredibly quick release. He’s got excellent athleticism, big -- he’s about 220 pounds -- very thick and strong. He’s 6-1 ½, runs well. He’s really a multi-threat quarterback. He can run the ball and he can make any throw you need him to make. But the thing I love about Tajh the most is he’s a winner. He has a knack for making a play and as he learns the system where he can not be a thinker out there, just be a player, those qualities are going to shine through. He’s got the ability we look for in a quarterback and being a dual threat guy. I definitely think he’s a guy over the next four years, everybody is going to know what Tajh Boyd is capable of doing. He’s going to be a good one.

Can you compare him to any other quarterbacks in the ACC?

DS: Well, he can throw like Kyle [Parker]. To watch the two of those guys on the field, I mean, there’s bullets flying out there. He’s got that type of arm strength. But anybody else in the league? Not really.

What specifically does he need to work on?

DS: Knowledge of the system, learning defenses, really understanding defenses and just growing in the system. That’s the biggest thing with him. … Tajh is very talented and very capable. We have to bring him along quickly. The biggest thing for us is we don’t have a lot of depth at the position … you’re holding your breath all year hoping you don’t lose a guy.

Right. Michael Wade and then … ?

DS: We’ve got a freshman walk-on named Donny McElveen and that’s it. We’ll have to look at some other options. Maybe it’s a guy on the team, maybe it’s somebody coming in as a signee who’s played a little quarterback in their day that we could just bring him up as an emergency guy. We’ll have to have some options there, but I’m really high on the first two and know we can go out and win with them right now. We didn’t have any issues this year. We haven’t gotten to a third quarterback in a while around here, but every year is different. You never know.