NC State's Wilson chasing two dreams

There’s a lot left unanswered regarding Russell Wilson’s future as an athlete, but one thing is clear: Coach Tom O’Brien is willing to give him some leeway to figure it out.

Wilson was drafted in the fourth round of the MLB draft on Tuesday, but said he intends to return to NC State this fall and play what could be his final season as the Wolfpack’s quarterback. He intends to spend the summer with the Colorado Rockies and Wilson and O’Brien have yet to work out the details or the timetable. It’s unclear what the Rockies will expect of Wilson this summer and how much of the school's summer camp he might miss, if any.

“The team obviously takes precedence in any situation you make, but certainly individuals are important,” O’Brien said. “Part of the deal with Russell coming here was the opportunity to play baseball. When he was recruited we went through different phases as to how we’d work this thing out one way or another. I don’t know where his future is. He may think his future is in baseball and if that’s what it is, then I have to respect those things but still work towards our goal of winning a championship here.”

Wilson shares that goal.

“It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to play Major League Baseball and be drafted in the fourth round and be drafted by the Colorado Rockies, but I also want to come back and win an ACC championship for the football team,” he said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Wilson had not signed any contract or hired an agent, but he did tell the Rockies he planned on joining them this summer.

“I know football camp starts August 3,” he said. “I haven’t talked to the Rockies and I haven’t gotten into a deep conversation with coach O’Brien about that, either. We’ll figure all that out. The Lord has worked everything out for me so far. I expect him to continue to do the same for me. … Everything is going to work out just great.”