Status quo best case for ACC

When it comes to expansion talk, the rest of the college football world is making enough noise to deafen Beaver Stadium and both Death Valleys.

The ACC, on the other hand, sounds like the Duke library.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

There have been no rumblings from the league offices in Greensboro, and there shouldn’t be -- the ACC went through expansion already. Commissioner John Swofford is pleased with the 12-team league exactly the way it is. There’s no need for him to be elbowing his way into the discussions or making his presence known. The best place for Swofford right now is in his office with the door closed and the phone off the hook. He doesn’t want or need any other conference heavyweights calling on the ACC.

Lock them out.

The best-case scenario for the ACC would be to remain status quo and on the backburner while the rest of the BCS conferences pick each other apart.

Be thankful you’re not a Texas fan. The Longhorns are more popular than the prom king, and everyone wants them to join their party and bring their friends. Those fans are going through an identity crisis as we speak. So are Nebraska fans. And Notre Dame fans.

ACC fans should be relishing the fact their schools are buried at the bottom of expansion articles instead of leading the headlines. There are no rumors to refute -- only speculation about what the trickle-down effect might be.

Worry about it when you have to. And hope you don’t have to.

The ACC needs to remain untouched in order to keep up with whatever moves other conferences might make. Rest assured if the big, bad SEC comes trying to lure away an ACC school or schools, it’s only going to want to take the best the conference has to offer -- Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, Clemson would likely top the list. My colleague Mark Schlabach writes that Virginia Tech could be one of the top targets of SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

Could be. A lot of things could happen. Or nothing could happen at all, like it is right now. It's refreshingly quiet in the ACC.

The best thing Swofford could do for the ACC is to keep the door closed on everyone else and keep it that way.