Halftime: Virginia Tech 14, Boston College 7

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

TAMPA, Fla. -- This isn't what Virginia Tech's offense has looked like all season. Against Boston College, it's looking much better. In fact, the Hokies' offense probably looks the best it has all year.

The young receivers really started to come on last week against Virginia, but the Hokies were ineffective in the red zone. Not this time.

Freshman receiver Dyrell Roberts has made two outstanding, athletic catches that looked like impossible grabs. One was on third-and-4 in the first quarter, and the other came on second-and-10. Both were for first downs, and the second was with a BC defender on his back.

The new and improved version of this offense, combined with a gritty effort from Tech's defense, has kept the momentum in the Hokies' favor for the most part. The Hokies' defense allowed one big play, and stopped one:

  • Montel Harris' 51-yard run after the catch led to a 16-yard touchdown pass to Rich Gunnell.

  • Victor "Macho" Harris stifled a would-be scoring drive by wrapping up Gunnell and knocking the ball out of his hands around the 5-yard line.

Tyrod Taylor looks like he has matured since the beginning of the season, and he is making good decisions. The help he's getting from his receivers is making for a more balanced offense. His most glaring mistake was an interception to safety Paul Anderson. Mark Herzlich deflected it and Anderson returned it 15 yards. That was the first sign of the Boston College defense that was expected to show up today.

Here are two notes for you:

  • This is the first time in ACC championship game history the score has not been tied at halftime.

  • Of the 12 offensive touchdowns in the championshp game, five have come from quarterbacks rushing, and four of those five have come from Virginia Tech quarterbacks.