Uncertainty looms over UNC

North Carolina coach Butch Davis spoke to reporters for the first time on Thursday since news broke his program is under investigation by the NCAA, but he didn't really say anything about it.

I expect much of the same at the upcoming ACC media days, but don't think the questions are going to stop. There will be more reporters in Greensboro, N.C., and a longer opportunity for questions on Monday. The one issue Davis can address -- though he didn't on Thursday -- is possible discipline of star linebacker Quan Sturdivant.

North Carolina doesn't have any margin for error in September. It will need its best players on the field for the season opener against LSU, and two weeks later for Georgia Tech. That's two nationally ranked opponents to start the season. How Davis plans on punishing Sturdivant, coupled with possible sanctions from the NCAA, could play a huge role in how the Tar Heels' season plays out.

Davis insisted on Thursday that none of the off-field questions surrounding his program have hindered the momentum heading into camp, but the fact is he's stuck answering more questions about those issues than he is about his struggling offense right now. At least one of those situations needs to take a drastic turn for the better before the season opener if Carolina is going to contend for anything this fall other than negative publicity.