ACC mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

UM writes: Dear Santa: Let Auburn hire him. Thanks, -The University of Miami

Mrs. Claus: When reindeer fly, honey.

Eric in Atlanta, Ga., writes: Why was Paul Johnson not selected as a Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Finalist. The webpage shows that he clearly won the fan vote, yet he didn't even make the top 10 finalists. Did he have some sort of violations that disqualified him???

George, in Atlanta, answers: One of the criteria for the award is that the school cannot be on probation of any kind for the given year. Georgia Tech is still on probation, with 10 or so scholarships taken away from issues years ago. Therefore, CPJ is not eligible for the award.

Heather Dinich: Thanks, George, for clearing that up.

Michael in Atlanta writes: In your bowl preview you mentioned the "whole ACC expansion subplot." What is that?

Heather Dinich: Sorry for not being more clear on that -- not a big deal, just the fact that Virginia Tech used to be in the Big East, and they'll face Cincy, a team brought into the Big East to help replace the loss of VT and Miami.

Drew in Atlanta writes: I was reading one of your posts and you list FSU and Miami as the 'historical' champions. Why FSU over GT? GT has 4 national titles compared to FSU's 2. While FSU has won more recently, if you are looking on a historical basis GT has a much stronger tradition, with the mid 90's era being a downturn for Tech. I agree with FSU and Miami being up there, I just think it's unfair to not at least mention GT as a historical team with it having one less national title then Miami.

Heather Dinich: You're not the only one who's written me about that comment, and you make a good point with the four national championships (one I'll accept, even though two of those titles came before the Great Depression). But to answer your question, if you look at the teams with the best winning percentages over the past 20 years, FSU and Miami are at the top of the list, followed by Nebraska, Michigan and Florida. FSU has more BCS game appearances, a longer bowl streak, and 12 ACC titles to Georgia Tech's two. Oh, and Georgia Tech beat FSU this season for the first time in its past 12 tries. That's why.

Mark in St. Louis writes: Heather, The attendance was pathetic for the Championship game. Why does the ACC continue to force random locations down our throats? Does it not make much more sense to have the game in Charlotte where fans of most of the schools can drive to the game? When will they make this easy decision?

Heather Dinich: Amen, brother. Yes, it makes more sense to have the game in Charlotte, and it will move there in 2010.

Eric in Tampa sheds a little more light on this year's attendance: Heather, in response to your last message on your chat from earlier today, the attendance of 53k was mentioned. Yes I know this was what the distribution was. One BIG reason for this was that the Super Bowl committee offered up to 4 free tickets for their volunteers for the upcoming Super Bowl here in tampa. There's 6400 volunteers, me being one of them. I had 4 sitting at will call and never picked them up, since I already had tickets from back in July when I felt confident about FSU makin the trip to Tampa. BTW, I'm at all the USF home games, there looked to be about 24-25.5k in the stands based off of the turnstile numbers I have from USF games. USF announced 42k against UConn but only 26.5k had tickets scanned at the game.

Heather Dinich: Can I have your Super Bowl tickets?

Kevin writes: Hi Heather, Ga tech selling out in 4 days is good or bad? unsure by your comments. In "06" there were no tickets ever available from the VT site. We had to buy tickets from georgia!

Heather Dinich: Oh, that's good! I think UNC is going through the same thing with Charlotte. It shows good support by ACC fans.

Scot in Cedar Rapids writes: Why so down on the Eagle Bank Bowl? Granted neither team is excited about a rematch, but won't Wake Forest be motivated to put on a better show? Navy has the best rushing offense in the nation and Wake Forest comes in 21st in the nation in rushing defense giving up only 116 yards per game. In their last contest, Wake Forest gave up 292 rushing yards to Navy and committed six turnovers. Meanwhile Navy comes in as an enigma; they lost to Duke yet beat Wake Forest, lost to Notre Dame and beat Rutgers. Wake Forest is also an enigma; a win over Florida State, a loss to Navy, a win over Clemson and a loss to NC State. To me, it is a very competitive matchup. Navy's run against Wake's defense. It has the look of an interesting contest. Other than the rematch factor, what is it about this game that isn't appealing?

Heather Dinich: RFK Stadium.