Clemson practice report: Day 2

Here is Clemson's practice report from Wednesday, as provided by the sports information department:

The team worked in helmets and shorts for a little over two-and-a-half hours in humid weather conditions.

Highlights: Brandon Ford made several diving catches. Junior Marquan Jones caught a 70-yard bomb from Kyle Parker near the end of the practice.

Missing: Brandon Thompson and Rashard Hall both missed the practice to take final exams. Landon Walker and Brandon Clear both missed Tuesday’s first practice, but were back on Wednesday. Final exams for the summer session ended on Wednesday evening.

Swinney says: “We got better tonight; it was a good practice,” said coach Dabo Swinney. “I thought the tempo was good, especially among the offensive line. The young guys are also catching on. I was encouraged by the hustle I saw over the course of the practice. Our leadership got better also. You look for your players to take some ownership. I saw that tonight.”

On toughness: “We are definitely tougher now than we were at this time last year. We still want to improve, but we have made strides. We want to be the tougher team in every game this year, that is the mark of a championship team.”

On the receivers: “They had a solid night. They worked hard. We have some talented players at the wide receiver position, we just haven’t had a lot of guys who have had opportunities yet. When talented players get an opportunity good things happen and I saw some good things out there tonight.”

On running backs Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper: “I am sure both of them rolled their eyes last year when C.J.[Spiller] announced he was coming back. But, I am also sure today they would tell you they benefited by working under C.J. They learned a lot from him.

“Andre and Jamie are two pretty good players also and they are capable of putting it together in every aspect of the position. They are friends, they are always together. But they are competitors also and that makes them better.”