ESPN.com's Preseason Power Rankings

ESPN.com today revealed its Preseason Power Rankings, which includes my Top 25. Somebody asked on today's chat if I did a Top 25. Let's just say the coaches are giving the ACC a little bit more credit to start off with. Disagree? Rank 'em yourself. Here's how the ACC fared in my preseason Top 25:

No. 12 Miami

No. 13 Virginia Tech

No. 15 Georgia Tech

No. 18 North Carolina

No. 21 Florida State

Overall, the Hokies ranked No. 8, followed by Miami at No. 10, which are both very reasonable spots for both programs.

I thought it was interesting that my colleague Chris Low had LSU No. 20 and UNC No. 24, while I had UNC No. 18 and LSU No. 23. Guess you know what our picks for that game will be.

Ohio State, Boise State and Oklahoma -- all ACC nonconference opponents -- are ranked in the top 10. That equals plenty of opportunities for the ACC to move up in my rankings early in the season.