Friday Mailblog

The chat wasn't enough for you guys today?

Mike Murphy in Onancock, Va., writes: Heather,If Kyle Parker goes to spring training, then continues baseball in the summer - how would that effect his eligibility should he opt for football in the fall of 2011? He would not be enrolled in the spring semester nor the summer sessions.Thanks.PS Really enjoy your reports

HD: Thanks, Mike. He could still be eligible in the fall to play for Clemson if he passed 12 hours in fall and six in the spring. Or he could opt to join the Rockies in May and complete the spring semester at Clemson. Or there is something called a missed term exception where he could still be eligible in the fall without going to Clemson in the spring (complicated). But, we both probably just wasted time on that paragraph because it would make the most sense for Parker to play his final season for Clemson this fall and join the Rockies in February.

John in Williamsburg, Va., writes: How can the UNC-William and Mary game not be on your biggest games list...It is the first time in the history of college football that the offensive coordinator of one team--John Shoop UNC is going against his brother who is the defensive coordinator of the other team--Bob Shoop--William and Mary

HD: You're serious about this, aren't you?

KyleGTfan in Atlanta, Ga., writes: Wondering if you read this article by a fellow ESPN analyst By Andrea Adelson "Twenty teams with best title shot" what do u think about people placing UNC and BC ahead of Miami, Florida State, and Georgia Tech. Seems a little far fetched to me but im just a loyal Paul Johnson fan so i expect to be unappreciated haha. But seriously are BC and UNC really that good?

HD: I think you have to look at their schedules, and Boston College has a very favorable one because it doesn't have to play Miami, Georgia Tech or North Carolina. When trying to figure out who might win a national title, you have to look at who has the best chance to go undefeated and who has a shot at a one-loss season. As we know, undefeated doesn't always cut it, either. It also helps tremendously to start the season ranked high like Virginia Tech. So I could definitely see the reasoning behind that, but no, I don't think BC and UNC are that good.

Garrett in Charleston, S.C., writes: Hey Heather, love the blog. would you please explain to me why the ACC just HAS to have Miami and FSU succeed to be relevant again? They had their time in the spotlight and it was great but Clemson, Georgia Tech and maybe even UNC seem to be showing some promise for the future. If Miami and FSU succeed this year, great. but if not, I think it actually looks better for the ACC to have a different team win some BCS bowls so we look more well rounded and not a conference of two great teams and a bunch of mediocres. your thoughts?

HD: Thanks for reading, Garrett. Personally, I think that's only part of the equation. There are lots of other things the ACC can do -- as I mentioned in the video this morning -- to become more relevant. And if somebody -- anybody -- in the ACC were to become a national title contender, it would raise the conference's profile immediately. That being said, college football is better when the traditional powers of the sport are at their best. Here's a similar opinion:

"If you look back in the 90s when Florida State was performing at such a high level, it brought a lot of attention to college football, it brought a lot of attention to the ACC," FSU quarterback Christian Ponder said. "Obviously it would be good for us. We'd love it. But I think it would be good if us, Miami and Florida all performed at a high level at the same time."

Stu in Baltimore writes: As a realistic UVA fan, I'm concerned about whether the Wahoos will go winless in conference play this year. I like the Mike London hiring and think he'll do well long term, but the cupboard was really left pretty bare for him. Ho do you rate the probability of a winless ACC season for UVA? Is UVA the worst team in a BCS league?

HD: Unfortunately for Mike London, he starts his career in the stacked Coastal Division, which makes conference wins tough to come by, and his crossover schedule includes Florida State and a road trip to Boston College, two teams that should be in the hunt to win the Atlantic Division. Now, they've also got Maryland at home, and to me, that's the best shot for a conference win. Even a road trip to Duke will be difficult, as Wahoo fans know. As for UVA being the worst team in a BCS league? Don't forget Virginia won more games than Maryland last year. The Hoosiers, Syracuse and Washington State might also have challenged for that title last year.

Dan in Chicago writes: Tanner Price got more ATT's and competitions than any of the other 4 QB candidates during the scrimmage the other day despite having two passes dropped which would have put him at an impressive 10 for 13. You would have to think that for Grobe to insert another guy to split reps amongst he would have to be considering the kid, but with his history of red shirting nearly everybody is it really a possibility that he plays a true freshman behind in inexperienced line?

HD: Price would have had to leave no question in their minds that he was the guy following Thursday night's scrimmage in order to win the job from Ted Stachitas. I think Stachitas is their guy and from here on Wake builds the offense around him.