Miami fires Nix

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Miami coach Randy Shannon fired offensive coordinator Patrick Nix on Monday, giving a lot of Miami fans exactly what they wanted.

I'm not entirely convinced, though, that this will solve the Hurricanes' problems. There were philosophical differences between Shannon and Nix, and it's hard to tell how much that limited what Nix wanted to do. Another question worth asking is how much Shannon's formula for managing the quarterbacks the way he did threw off Nix's game plan. Could Nix have done a better job this season? Yes. Could Shannon have helped him do it? Maybe.

As long as Shannon makes a hire comparable to the one he made with defensive coordinator Bill Young, it won't matter. If not, though, Shannon's ability to manage a staff will come into question as much as his ability to manage quarterbacks. After all, he hired Nix in the first place.