Hokies RBs looking to make history

Virginia Tech fans remember the days of Kevin Jones and Lee Suggs, but if Ryan Williams and Darren Evans have their way this season, Hokies fans will have a new tandem to talk about.

I wrote that story on Evans and Williams to help preview tonight's game against Boise State, and I can tell you the one thing that came across while interviewing each of them was their genuine friendship. These guys really do like each other, and they've taken a very mature approach to how the carries will be split up.

Running backs coach Billy Hite's loyalty to upperclassmen is worth noting, but so is his plan to finish the game with the best back. My guess is that they're both on the field more often than not, but Williams told me he and Evans promised each other that neither would stay out there if they were tired, so count on the Hokies always having fresh legs.

They're going to need them against the Broncos' D. For more in-game analysis, head into the film room with Todd McShay.

More from FedEx Field tonight. We've got the GameDay Live discussion going on, beginning at 8 p.m. Enjoy the game.