Terps likely to use more quarterbacks

The Danny O'Brien sighting against Navy wasn't the last of coach Ralph Friedgen's decision to dabble with more than one quarterback.

In Maryland's 17-14 win over Navy, you might have confused the Terps for the Middies if you looked only at the box score -- Maryland threw it just five times, and quarterback Jamarr Robinson completed only two of those attempts for 11 yards and an interception.

Friedgen turned to his backup, O'Brien, who fumbled the ball on his first -- and last -- snap of the game.

"Obviously the fact it resulted in a fumble, you're always going to second-guess yourself, but we still have a lot of confidence in Danny. We're going to play both of them. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up playing C.J. Brown some, too. We have some very talented quarterbacks. One of the big things they don't have right now is experience. We don't look at it as a negative thing as far as Jamarr is concerned. We're very pleased with him, but we also think we have some other people who could play, also."

Friedgen said on Wednesday's ACC teleconference that he wanted to throw the ball more against Navy, but they were having success with the running game.

"When we got the ball down there and threw an interception I think we got a little tentative about doing that," he said. "We feel very confident in our ability to throw the football. We have a lot of weapons to throw it to, and I think that will happen as time goes on."