BC's Logan leaving program

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

It's never good to be out one coordinator a few weeks before signing day, and Boston College is now down two after the surprising news offensive coordinator Steve Logan is leaving the program.

It's not quite clear yet what exactly transpired here, but considering how short and sweet the press release was, there doesn't appear to be too much love lost between the two parties.

According to the release, this was Logan's decision, though it did not give any reason why, it didn't quote him, and Logan didn't immediately return a phone call. Because signing day is rapidly approaching, it's a poor time for an assistant to split (Hey Steve, I heard Miami is hiring ...).

It's possible, though, that Logan was simply disappointed with the firing of his friend and the man who hired him, former BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski. Logan and Jagodzinski worked at ECU together as assistants under Bill Lewis from 1989-92. When Logan took over for Lewis, Jagodzinski stayed on staff for another four years.

That said, Boston College's offense did struggle this season, but it certainly wasn't Logan's fault there wasn't any Colt McCoy waiting in the wings behind Matt Ryan (or, for that matter, another Matt Ryan).

Logan did the best he could with what he had to work with. He didn't ask Chris Crane or Dominique Davis to do too much, and he brought head coaching experience to the staff. Both Logan and Spaziani seemed to be well-respected by their colleagues throughout the league.

Frank Spaziani better have somebody -- make that two somebodies -- in mind, because this staff needs to come together quickly for the sake of recruiting.