ACC's lunchtime links

Here's what's going on in the world of ACC football today ...

  • Georgia Tech showed some better effort against North Carolina, but there were still enough mistakes for "CPJ" to chew on.

  • Maryland's depth at quarterback was once a strength. Was.

  • Clemson saw some positives in its loss to Auburn it can build on.

  • One person who hasn't lost any respect for Virginia Tech is BC coach Frank Spaziani.

  • If Miami's Vaughn Telemaque is going to be the next Ed Reed, who better to get advice from than, well, Ed Reed?

  • Many of you have already heard that Miami quarterback Jacory Harris was the target of at least one racially motivated hate message on Twitter.

  • It took 10 quarters for the Virginia Tech defense to show up.

  • FSU quarterback Christian Ponder is a little stubborn, but can you blame him? His time is now.

  • There's no time for Wake Forest to catch its breath: "We're in the fire now," said coach Jim Grobe.

  • Hey, at least NC State carried the ACC banner against the Big East -- until Maryland dropped it, anyway.