Conference Power Rankings: Week 3

After three weekends of football, ESPN's Stats & Info has the ACC ranked seventh among the conferences -- behind the WAC. Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada are the reasons why:

The ACC is clearly a deeper conference (as seen by their large computer rankings advantage), however, unless the ACC can get a school near the AP top 10 they will not overtake the WAC.

What's the one thing the WAC and the ACC have in common? A win against Cincinnati. ESPN's Stats & Info based this ranking on numbers (the fairest way to do it), but here's my take based on the eyeball test, number of ranked teams and considering scheduling (Number of AP ranked teams in parenthesis):

1. SEC (6)

2. Big Ten (6)

3. Pac-10 (5)

4. Big 12 (3)

5. ACC (1)

6. WAC (1)

7. MWC (2)

8. Big East (1)