The Mt. Rushmore of the ACC

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

As many of you probably know, ESPN has been putting together the Mt. Rushmore of Sports, and soliciting nominations for each state. The five best mountains are being revealed this week on "SportsCenter." I found a few unsolicited nominations Wednesday in my mailbag for Clemson.

Robert in Atlanta wrote:

Heather, The other conferences are doing Mt. Rushmore for each school. As a Clemson fan, I have been thinking who would be best for Clemson, Frank Howard, Danny Ford, Banks McFadden and The Fridgerator Perry maybe? Honorable mention to Heisman, Terry Kinard, Jeff Davis and Steve Fuller! Also can they just carve their faces in Howard's Rock?

Ha ... it would spice that rock up a bit, wouldn't it? Good suggestions, Robert, and I'll take more -- from ACC fans of every school. Over the next few days I'll put together a Mount Rushmore for each ACC school and at the end, I'll compile four names of people who are the ACC's iconic football figures.

So, go ahead and drop your suggestions in the mailbag, and I'll get started in alphabetical order.